The Zen Boutique

The pleasure of giving

In 2009, we opened the Natura Fengshui boutique, following the harmonization of our house and the place thanks to the Art of Feng-shui.It has been an important springboard to make the dream of Domaine en Terre Happy a reality.

Keeping the spirit of Harmony from Feng-shui, the Adventure continues with our friend Véronique.Relying on her sense of beauty, she is attentive to find with you the object that will make your heart resonate.

Jewellery, chimes, minerals, Tibetan bowls and other surprises may be a lasting memory of your experience at Terre Happy.

Don't hesitate to ask her when you come across her on the Domaineor contact her at 06 66 38 40 28 if you want to visit the boutique.