Behind the scenes of Terre Happy

Caring for the living with an open heart

From the quest for "Happiness in life" to the discovery of a Terre'Happy:

an investigation into the recipe for self-construction of one's well-being 

"Man is in so far as he lives".

Conference "Building, living, thinking" by Martin Heidegger (1951)

The Welcome

The Domaine en Terre Happy is also:

a place of encounter, experimentation, and openness to different approaches to alternative and complementary care. 

The place is designed to host different types of courses: yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, feng shui, sound, macrobiotics, ...

(Image: Zome lamp creation workshop)


The Domaine en Terre Happy is also:

a conscious approach and a daily involvement to collaborate with the elements present in every place and in every living organism.

Particular attention is paid to water via the rivers, the swimming pool, the jacuzzis (and not forgetting the shower and the washing-up) knowing that it has the particularity of making us more attentive to our feelings, of promoting energy exchanges and transferring its benefits. 

(Image: Cascade du tiour)


The Domaine en Terre Happy is also:

a space to show our natural qualities, without complexes, with joy and simplicity. 

"Come as you are and leave with what you are".

Matasala - 2021